The glue between django-modeltranslation and wagtail


  • Field-based translation for Wagtail using django-modeltranslation
  • TODO Makes translated fields easily accessible to the Wagtail admin.
  • Sensible to the currently activated language.

When to use this

Actually, you might not want to use this! Consider carefully to use wagtail-modeltranslation as it has substantially improved by not hard-copying django-modeltranslation anymore. They are still pretty bad at responding to external contributions, though.

If you need to have 1:1 translation for Pages or Snippets in Wagtail, you could use django-modeltranslation.

Having another translation mechanism such as what wagtailtrans describes as freeform trees is not a problem.

If you ONLY plan to use one kind of translation mechanism, you should also carefully consider wagtailtrans. This project is really nice if you have already used other approaches and want to mix both what wagtailtrans calls freeform and synchronized trees.


Originally, I was using wagtail-modeltranslation. The project has been sparsely maintained, but more seriously, it was monkey-patching Wagtail and using a hard-copy of the modeltranslation codebase instead of a dependency reference to django-modeltranslation. The latter has now been restored, which as lowered the motivation for this project.

This project introduces a bit of naming hell. But remember it like this: django-modeltranslation-wagtail has wagtail at the end because it depends on django-modeltranslation, which depends on django.

Using django-modeltranslation or wagtail-modeltranslation?

Switching is easy!

Since this project is directly based on django-modeltranslation, the creation of fields in the database and django migrations remains the same. In case you are switching, just revisit your files and change the imports to point to modeltranslation_wagtail.


If you have any suggestions or questions about django-modeltranslation-wagtail feel free to email me at

If you encounter any errors or problems with django-modeltranslation-wagtail, please let me know! Open an Issue at the GitHub main repository.